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Day 15. Developing your promotional plan.

Welcome to the third and final week of the challenge. By now you should have a plan and a budget and be ready to start selling. We’re going to spend the next five days looking at how you are going to find and win customers for your money making project.Today we’re going to start thinking about your promotional plan, you’ll probably want to add to this as we cover different marketing activities in the following days.

First things first.

There are a number of things we need to think about before you can develop your promotional plan. On Day 3 you identified your target market, how specific were you? Did you really drill down until you had a narrow but deep niche of potential customers? If not I suggest that you take another look. The more precise you can be the better. When you know exactly who your target customer is it is easier to find them and speak their language. Try and build a picture of your target in your mind’s eye, give her a name and a personality, then you’ll be able to have a conversation with her when you start promoting your offer.

On Day 5 you researched your competition. What did that tell you about where your offer is different? How is your offer better than your prospect’s? Why should customers buy from you in preference to your competitors? You need to understand this in order to communicate it to your prospects in a persuasive manner. Some people refer to this as your USP or Unique Selling Proposition, others as your points of difference.

What problems are you solving for your prospects? How do those problems make them feel? What would life be like for them if their problem was solved? These are the messages your prospects need to hear. This is what you should be promoting.

N.B. If you are doing this challenge to make money for a good cause you will need to find an emotional reason for your prospects to connect with that good cause. You might have to make them feel guilty, sympathetic or sad.

Remember people buy more with their emotions than with their reason!

ACTION: Be specific about your target market and the problems that you will be solving for them and identify how your solution differs from your competitors. Write this down.

Developing your promotional plan

Nobody can buy a product or service that they’ve never heard of so your promotional plan needs to be focused on raising awareness and desire in your target audience and then getting them to take action and buy.

Here’s a template for you to use to scope out your promotional plan. Be clear about which target market you want to sell to, if you have more than one you may wish to focus on different groups in different months. Set your self a clear objective for what you want to achieve each month. Your objectives might include:

  • a sales target
  • number of signups to your mailing list
  • number of downloads on a free product given in exchange for names and contact details
  • number of enquiries
  • number of hits on website
  • number of people booking a trial session

As you will see all of the objectives should be very specific and measurable, they should also be achievable and have a deadline. So set yourself a specific objective for each month. You might find this example helpful.

ACTION: Complete at least the first two columns on the marketing plan template. You might also like to start thinking about activities that you could do in the remaining columns but I’ll have more ideas for those in coming days.

A quick lesson in marketing.


Next steps, should you choose to take them…

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This is what we’ll be covering:

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  • Day 3:  Who will buy?
  • Day 4:  Money raising ideas
  • Day 5:  What’s your competition?
  • Day 6:  Will your idea make you a profit?
  • Day 7:  Decision time.
  • Day 8:  Breaking down the actions
  • Day 9:  Using your Power Hour to get things done
  • Day 10: Developing a project management plan
  • Day 11: Establishing priorities
  • Day 12: Budgeting
  • Day 13: Financing your plan
  • Day 14: Managing cashflow
  • Day 15: Developing your marketing plan
  • Day 16: Promoting via a blog
  • Day 17: Using social media
  • Day 18: Off line marketing
  • Day 19: Using public relations
  • Day 20: Get ready; Get set; Go
  • Day 21: Sharing Success

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