The Training Pack is 21 years old in September 2013 and we’re celebrating! The 21 Day make money challenge is our gift to you. It’s free to join and suitable for anyone who would like to make some more money.

Perhaps you are a business owner wanting to increase your turnover. Maybe you want to make some money for a good cause. Perhaps you just want to make some money to supplement the family income. Whatever your reason the challenge is for you.

You set your target. You set your deadline. We’ll send you one activity a day for 21 days to help you develop your plan to reach your goal. We kick off on September 21st but you can join at any time after that.

This is what we’ll be covering:

  • Day 1:  Set you goal
  • Day 2:  Create the vision
  • Day 3:  Who will buy?
  • Day 4:  Money raising ideas
  • Day 5:  What’s your competition?
  • Day 6:  Will your idea make you a profit?
  • Day 7:  Decision time.
  • Day 8:  Breaking down the actions
  • Day 9:  Using your Power Hour to get things done
  • Day 10: Developing a project management plan
  • Day 11: Establishing priorities
  • Day 12: Budgeting
  • Day 13: Financing your plan
  • Day 14: Managing cashflow
  • Day 15: Developing your marketing plan
  • Day 16: Promoting via a blog
  • Day 17: Using social media
  • Day 18: Off line marketing
  • Day 19: Using public relations
  • Day 20: Get ready; Get set; Go
  • Day 21: Sharing Success

Our Facebook group will allow you to connect with other challengers. You’ll be able to share ideas, celebrate achievements and just get more support. You can join it here.

We might just find some prizes for those who make the most progress so why not join in? Click follow this blog to receive each post as it’s published or fill in the form. There’ll also be a link in the Facebook page.

Let’s see how much money you can make!

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